Another afternoon information session with Doug Mayer proved helpful in sharing information and answering questions:

  • A temporary home has been found for our very own vintage Jeep.  The Korean War era Willys jeep is in its barracks at the end of Carport E, and is being lovingly worked on by enthusiastic residents.   A recent session by Jack Loechner and John Flynn accidentaly discovered that radiator coolant doesn’t evaporate after more than 60 years sealed tightly in the engine.  Who knew!?  If you want to enjoy becoming a Willows grease monkey, contact the office for more information.
  • Residents can now be more aware and alert to the handling of emergencies on campus through the use of a new text-based application called Titan.  This app can send out a broadcast message to all compatible cell phones on a database that can become an initial alert system if there is the unexpected situation.  If a resident would like to submit their text-capable cell phone information to the office or to SPOC, the Titan app database will be updated with this information if a need occurs.  Please note that this is not designed to scare residents in any way, but is simply a process that can be used if there is a need.  Additionally, all residents are reminded that it is best to always maintain at least 3 days of emergency provisions in an accessible location in your Villa.  This can be supplemented by emergency provisions being kept on the property for all residents.
  • The safety team is asking that all residents be more alert to look both left and right when crossing Willows Drive on foot.
  • Some property improvements were announced:  First, clean dumpsters are being placed throughout the campus to replace the existing dumpsters that have become soiled and smelly.  Also, a project to install and attach a solar array to the roof at the pool area will be underway the week of August 28th, creating a significant savings in the energy costs for heating our swimming pool.
  • To better manage the various aspects of our Villas, Linda Mayer has taken on a project to create a database of the variety of features found in each one of the Villas on the property.  The database will assist in maintaining the quality of Villas that have unique configurations such as skylights, scraped ceilings, cabinetry or fixture upgrades, etc.  Thank you for cooperating by letter Linda come evaluate your Villa home.
  • Residents are encouraged to enjoy the changes that have taken place on the property behind Buildings #1 – #5, Villas 102 through 148.  What initially had the purpose of redirecting rain water has turned into a lovely set of paths , and there is even a custom designed footbridge.  Feel free to connect to the new landscaping off one of the paths between these buildings, and enjoy the view from this side of our campus.