My Mother has lived at The Willows for 10 years and is very pleased to be here.  She has enjoyed many activities with individuals and groups of friends.  So, I was very familiar with the surroundings, transportation options and activities, having also lived in Orange County for more than 18 years.

I moved in to my own Villa recently and love living here.  Becoming a resident is like buying a new house without any of the maintenance problems.  The Villa Restoration is a wonderful blessing to new residents.

I immediately had at least 25 new friends besides fellow church members.  I admit that I am outgoing and meet friends easily, so it was a joy to help a neighbor deal with the a cable company issue, to talk with friends regularly at meals, to share ideas about programs and activities.  I even joined the water aerobics group.  Taking walks around the community — with mom, friends or just along — is a pleasure.  Golf is another passion I can share with my new friends.

When I moved in I was not aware of all the wonderful extra activities the residents are able to enjoy.  I find opportunities to help neighbors with minor needs.  What a wonderful community I have found allowing me to live a very happy life!

David Talcott

Family Experience at The Willows