These informative talks with our Executive Director will now be held on Friday every three weeks, alternating 9:30am and 12:30pm.

Todd opened with another corny joke that we all enjoyed. He offered a big thank you to volunteers for the recent Memorial Day BBQ.

  • There is still work in progress around the Pool area and our goal is to have it open by the end of June.
  • We are working with a consultant and starting work to refresh out website.
  • Todd encouraged residents to check out the Florence Sylvester Senior Center just down the street. It offers a wealth of free services.
  • John, one of our bus drivers, shared information about some changes to shopping routes.
  • Good news from Tom Sebring in Finance about auto payment options for your rent invoice.
  • Carol shared lots of fun activities for the month of June around a Planes, Trains, Automobiles…and Boats theme. Especially our tradition of a Father’s Day Pinewood Derby competition.