The Willows is a very welcoming community. The guidelines and eligibility requirements for living here are simple.

1. At least one person in the household must be a member of The Mother Church or a Journal-listed branch church/society.

2. This is a senior/adult community. We are a 55+ senior community.

The Willows is not a nursing or care facility but an open campus of individual apartment homes for independent residents.  We are more than happy to discuss your personal situation with you to assess how we could be a fit for making your home here.

The following letter from the Foundation Board nicely describes what you can expect here.

Welcome to the Willows!

Dear Friends:

Home is the dearest spot on earth… (Science and Health 58:21)

Mary Baker Eddy wrote these words with deep spiritual conviction, possibly because she moved many times during a certain period in her life.  Mrs. Eddy saw that home was an expression of the Love that we all can experience by looking to God as our Father-Mother, the great Giver of all good.

We sincerely hope you will find this deep sense of home at The Willows. Our residents come from all walks of life with many backgrounds and viewpoints and all have the opportunity of enjoying an active lifestyle and living harmoniously with each other.

This information has been prepared to explain the many services provided to help you in your new home.  The administration and staff are also always at the ready to answer any questions you may have. The purpose of this guidebook is to help smooth your way into residency at The Willows. With so many people living together in our community, these guidelines are essential for the convenience, safety, well-being, order and efficient operation for all.  By becoming familiar with the contents, you will find that these guidelines will contribute to making your experience here a very joyful one.

You have the freedom of choosing friends and activities at The Willows.  Neighbors are friendly without being intrusive.

Residents know that lovingly giving time and effort to prayerful acknowledgment of the spiritual idea helps enhance one’s gratitude for the lifestyle they find here. They discover a wonderful balance of both giving and receiving.

Consenting to live in Christian fellowship with your neighbors includes an open and uncritical attitude toward the whole community.

We welcome you most warmly.  We trust that each resident will hold dear in his heart the highest standards of living as taught in Christian Science.  In so doing, you will find The Willows a most happy and satisfying home.


The Willows Board of Directors and Administration


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