Talk with Todd

(The Willows’ Executive Director)

As always, Todd opens the meeting with some levity. Corny jokes seem to be what the audience likes.

  • Landscaping: Todd reminded residents that while they have some input, it is best to rely on the Landscaping Team to use their best judgment on replacing plants, when needed. Also that we don’t offer plant maintenance on their private pots.
  • Work Orders: Best to go through the normal channels when needing to submit a work order. Please don’t just tell a staff member when bumping into them on campus. It certainly could get forgotten that way.  Remember, too, that work orders are prioritized by urgency.
  • Need for more campus lighting: This is an ongoing topic Administration is aware of. Budget is the main issue right now and we’ll continue to look for temporary solutions.
  • Ducks, Dogs and Dashing around the Property: 1. Big effort was made to keep the ducks away from the pool. Two ducks did find their way through the wires and were promptly and soundly scared away. None have been seen again. 2. Reminder that no dogs are allowed in areas where food is prepared or served – the dining room, garden room, kitchen. They are not allowed to be tethered and left alone outside of the garden room, either. 3. Please do not dash around on your golf cart or scooter – especially on Friendship Walk.
  • Our front gate kiosk has been updated. New codes and instructions were distributed to all.
  • Carol Dorr gave us an update on March events and activities.
  • Dawn Craig gave an update on the construction in Hodges Hall, the Lobby and Reception area
  • Todd would like to hold a small focus group with residents about our 5-year strategic plan. Sign up sheet is in the Red Book