Residents of The Willows have so many talents and skills, and we have many ways that these are shared in the community.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Full Range of Freedom classes provide an hour of relaxing stretches and focused exercises to expand each person’s mobility and freedom.  The group meets every Wednesday morning at 10am in the Hodges Hall meeting room.  Resident leader Victoria Morse provides her guidance and equipment to maximize the benefit of this enjoyable time together.
  • Learn Spanish with Resident Mary Talcott, a native speaker originally from Argentina.  Mary is offering this opportunity to become more conversant in the language that is so prevalent and impactful, particularly in Southern California.  A workbook is provided.  The class takes place each Thursday at 10:30 in the Garden Room.
  • A video series focused on history and recent developments surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls is being shown every Monday afternoon at 3:30 in the Garden Room.  This is a great opportunity to become more familiar with recent findings regarding these pivotal resource documents so important to our understanding of Biblical history.
  • Singing is always an uplifting experience, and The Willows Choir is back in full swing.  Director Phil Theodorou will lend his teaching talents to the group as they prepare a program of Broadway standards for a performance later this Fall.  The Choir current meets on Tuesdays at 11:00am in the Garden Room.