Residents and guests gathered in the Garden Room on a warm and sunny Friday morning to enjoy homemade donuts and share news about life at The Willows:

  • Doug shared Hymn #3 from The Christian Science Hymnal, and then began his sharing.  Doug began by asking the community to cherish one of our residents who has moved away to find a better living situation for her current lifestyle needs.   Loving support was acknowledged for Suzanne Tingwall, who has moved to Olive Glen near Sacramento.
  • Continued care regarding unknown cars entering the property was addressed.  Doug pointed out that cars entering behind you after you have opened the gate with your clicker/code should get some attention regarding the identify of the car or passengers.  While most of these individuals are residents or welcome guests, it is helpful to see if you can recognize the person as they enter.  Perhaps letting them pass you will allow you to see a license plate or the face of the driver.  If there are any concerns about cars sneaking onto the campus, please do not hesitate to contact the office or SPOC after hours at the time this occurs.
  • Our exercise equipment and swimming pool are getting some lifts — literally and figuratively.  The rowing machine in Villa 129 is now mounted onto a sturdy raised platform designed and built by maintenance team member Luis, to allow you to get on and off the seating more easily.  The solar heating of the swimming pool is now installed, including the savings from a 50% government rebate.  Please enjoy both of these areas of our campus.  Luis also designed and built a wonderful “farmstand” holder for the crate that brings you a fruit harvest every Thursday and where you can deposit used periodicals to be processed for use by the Orange County Institutional Committee to distribute ad County jails and facilities.
  • Continued discussions regarding options for TV and internet access were shared by staff and residents.  Inge Hardi updated the community about the evaluation of bringing AT&T internet to The Willows.  This request has been escalated to the higher levels at AT&T for consideration, since we already have AT&T services working in our business offices.  Other residents wanted to know more about the possibility of other antenna services, and Doug provided some input for purchasing such a device if the location and exposure to broadcast towers works from your location on the campus.
  • The large scope of concrete repairs on the campus has continued to create the need for bidding from an outside contractor to address issues.  Please be patient as we continue to need cones and yellow taping on the sidewalk in front of our dining room to prevent any missteps on the uneven sidewalk.
  • Communication with Laguna Woods Village (LWV) is making strides toward a negotiated agreement for responsibility and maintenance of the perimeter iron fence and the sidewalk inside LWV Gate 8 inside The Willows property line.  We hope to have a harmonious agreement soon.
  • September sends folks of all ages back to school, and The Willows has some celebrations in store.  The Events Calendar includes a sing-along of “Grease,” as well as a Back to School Dinner at Dance.