Your support is invaluable for us to continue our mission offering practicing Christian Scientists a loving residential environment in which to make their home, and in doing so continue the cause of Christian Science.  The Willows Community is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(C)3 organization. Donations to The Willows are tax deductible.

Donors who need our financial documents and tax exempt documentation may visit this password-protected link.  Please call 949-586-5220 and ask for Doug Mayer to receive the password.


Currently, your donations will benefit the following programs.

1.  Housing Benevolence – In the past five years, The Willows has provided over $470,000 in support to residents facing a challenge in meeting their housing expenses. This gift is only available for residents who apply and qualify due to financial need and reside in a a studio or one bedroom villa. Compassion and support are an important part of The Willows mission and culture. However, donor support is needed to address shortfalls effecting operations and maintenance of our property and equipment due to funds being diverted to benevolence.

2.  Capital Projects

The Willows was built in the 1970’s.  After forty years, our buildings and campus infrastructure are in need of repair and upgrading.  Two specific projects have been designated as actively seeking gifts to support the goal of a refreshed, vibrant and modern residential community and meeting place for Christian Scientists and their families throughout Souther California:  The Community Center Remodel Project has a goal of updating the interiors of our main meeting venue, our dining room and the offices for Willows staff and Foundation Board activity.  Click here for a link to detailed information.

A second capital project is for construction of a Communal Living Structure that will house individuals who have become isolated due to limitations in their current lifestyles.  Communal living provides for the privacy of a suite and powder room combined with communal living and dining accommodations, and will support residents’ spiritual, financial and lifestyle progress.  Click here for a link to detailed information.

Thank you for any contribution you are willing to make.  Contributions are tax-exempt and can be sent to us or you can donate online by clicking on the below button.


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