This Todd Talk was held in our newly remodeled Dining Room. There was a large group but that didn’t hurt the acoustics in there. The new ceiling and acoustical tools called “clouds” work wonders for less reverberation and lessening the background noises.
Thanks: David Cook, newly elected President of The Willows Resident Association Board, gave his thanks to the Residents for their very generous donation to the Employee Christmas Fund and, was grateful for the large response to those adding their names to the Neighbors Helping Neighbors list.
Landscaping: Good things are happing on the campus. A deep cleaning of the grounds continues – removing trees, replanting and the removal of turf to make way for low maintenance, more water resistant ground cover.
Events and Activities: Lots of of Holiday happenings this month. The staff cart parade – Landscaping Department this year’s winners! Special dinners, Holiday movies, Caroling, Principia Sing, and more.
HR: Human Resources Director, Tom Sebring, shared with all the tremendous longevity we have in our staff. Of the 43 employees, 34 have been here over 10 years and, of those, 6 over 30 years! This is certainly a testament to the community as a whole.

Tree ornaments in So. CA

Winning Holiday Cart!