Can I afford to live at The Willows?

We all need to live within our means, especially when on fixed incomes. This cost comparison chart will help you determine if living at The Willows Community is a right step.  Feel free to print out this page and insert the information from your own experience.

  1. Enter the estimated monthly expenses for your current residence. If some estimates are annual, simply divide by 12 and enter that number.
  2. Tally and compare

Independent Living Residency Cost Comparison

Item Current Monthly Expenses The Willows Monthly Expenses
Rent or Mortgage  — Contact The Willows —
Homeowners/Renters Insurance
Homeowners Association Fees 0
Real Estate Taxes 0
Major System Upkeep (furnace, water heater, A/C, etc.) 0
Parking Fees 0
Snow Plowing 0
Yard Care/Landscaping 0
Dwelling Upkeep (paint, repairs) 0
Water and Trash Utilities 0
Phone, Wi-fi, Cable
Housekeeping Services
Security Services 0
Transportation 0
Onsite Activities 0
Total $ $